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Sex partner for 4000 usd. Sex robots will ensure a perfect relationship

They smile, react to touch and have their own personality. It is estimated that 12 million people have already bought them. They dominated the lives of Asian men and the porn industry. Sex robots are not a distant future anymore. It's the present.

The era of sex robots began in Japan, which is the cradle of most technological innovations. It was busy Asian businessmen who started the fashion for silicone mistresses. What drove them? First of all, time availability. You don't have to take the doll for a drink or for dinner. It is ready to "play" at any time of the day or night.

2050, the year of robots

However, can machines replace our relationship with a living being? A survey on this subject was conducted by the "Metro" portal. According to 36 percent Britons, already in 2050, we will have a relationship with a robot more often than with a real partner. Not only that, 40 percent. of them say that sex with a machine is not cheating, but 21 percent. sees nothing ethically incorrect in sexual relations with robots.

Artificial intelligence expert David Levy argues in the "Vanity Fair" that around 2050 robots will offer something more - a real feeling. In this case, the prediction of the English may turn out to be quite accurate.

A market worth 80 billion

A good quality sex robot costs around $4,000. On average, however, prices usually oscillate around $15,000. However, fans of these "gadgets" can breathe a breath, because the prices of dolls are falling.

The main distributor of sex robots is Abyss Creations, which specializes in the production of luxury sex dolls or sex robots from the RealDoll series. True Companion, which produces sex robots on a large scale, is also a huge part of the market. Their doll, Roxxxy, may have several personalities. Their offer also includes the only male sex robot on the market. It is estimated that the market of sex dolls and robots is already worth about 80 billion dollars.

Step by step buying

What does buying such a robot look like? To check it, we went to the website, where you can buy a ready-made, intelligent sex doll. We can choose from a dozen types, differing in the degree of technological advancement and "reality". We choose the newest model available, named Solana. The basic version costs 4 thousand dollars.

However, if we want to personalize our robotic lover more, we can choose extra options for an additional fee. For $ 350, our robot will have hand-painted, super-realistic eyeballs. For another $ 450, we can choose his makeup. If we want our robot to have breasts larger than standard, we pay extra $ 99 for one size up. We can also choose the size and color of the nipples.

Can the robot be adjusted in terms of sexual preferences? Of course. The basic version of Solana has a removable scabbard, which is more convenient to clean. However, if we want the most "natural" sensations, for $ 150 the robot will have a permanently built-in vagina. He can also be a transgender partner. It is enough to insert the attached artificial member in place of the artificial vagina.

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