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Bodybuilder 'drama'. He married a sex doll, but this one ... broke just before Christmas

Yuri Tolochko, who married a sex doll less than a month ago, did not expect his "wife" to simply break him. Meanwhile, it just happened and the man is threatened with being completely alone for the Christmas period.

Kazakh, Yuri Tolochko married a sex doll in late November, postponing the ceremony several times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly (this is what the local media say at least), the marriage of a man with a doll is legally important, because in Kazakhstan, all you need to do is get married until the partner is 18 years old and they are of different sex (male and female). Yuri himself points out on social media that he is pansexual (he has sexual preferences that are not gender-restricted) and a sexual freak, and that he may fall in love "in character, image or soul". - I like the sex process itself. And gender or sexual orientation are not particularly important here. Our story [with a sex doll - editor's note] turns me on much more than sex itself - emphasized Yuri in the Daily Star.

The tragedy before Christmas

Unfortunately, for reasons that Yuri did not disclose in the press, his wife, a sex doll, broke just before Christmas. The man is therefore threatened to spend the first Christmas after the wedding on his own, although there is still a shadow of a chance that the doll will be repaired by then. All this because Christmas in the Orthodox Church does not start until January 7. - She broke. Now it is being repaired. He's in a different city. When he recovers, it will be a gift for both of us, the bodybuilder said.

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